Maybelline Baby Lips

Who doesn’t want baby soft lips? Maybelline has launched its cleverly branded Baby Lips lip balm. It’s been called a cult product and has just hit UK shores.

The balm – a blend of shea butter, vitamins, centella (to plump) and SPF 20 (in three out of the six variants) – promises to change lips in a week. And it moisturises for 8 hours. Woah!  – Explains the hype!

But let’s be honest here – it’s fab to have a lip balm that claims to be revolutionary and pretty much lives up to the task (according to the beauty editors – powers that be – in the business) but it’s got to look cool.

I am totally superficial when it comes to beauty products – packaging is half the sell!

And Maybelline Baby Lips does not disappoint. The balms are housed in six gorgeously garish neon coloured tubes, and come in the following flavours: Hydrate, Mint Fresh, Intense Care, Pink Punch, Cherry Me and Peach Kiss). Three of the flavours are tinted (YAY!) – pink tint, red wash and a nude flush – and the other three are clear.

Maybeline says that for best results: Apply the lip colour by starting in the centre of your upper lip, working from the centre to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth, and then gliding across the entire bottom lip.

Yes, please!

Everywhere is selling these babies (£2.99 a pop) including Boots! Do it ladies, do it!