New fitness craze: Aqua Zumba!

Zumba took the fitness world by storm – men, women, kids, mums, corporates and grannies have been united by the twists and turns provoked by the bass and beat of some super sassy Latino dancersize tunes. Zumba makes cardio fun – no question.

If you think Zumba’s where the fun is at then new fitness carze Aqua Zumba is where the party’s at. Seriously. The new ‘Zumba in the water’ craze has been tagged “a pool party for all ages.”

As the name suggests, Aqua Zumba is Zumba in water. It combines Aqua Fitness moves with Latin-inspired dance routines, to Zumba music of course. Instructors use the pool context to incorporate water resistant training into the cardio workout offered by the gyrations of salsa-infused dance moves.

The classes aim to tone as well as cardio-condition your body as well as burn calories.

Aqua Zumba is a low-impact form of exercise; water restricts movement and so everything happens at a slower pace than it would on land.

Whilst Zumba in the water decreases impact on joints don’t be fooled into thinking the water makes it easier: the resistance offered by the water adds its own unique dynamic to this type of Zumba workout. And a bonus for anyone with two left feet – fancy footwork is minimal!

Sounds too cool (anyone else love a lame pun?)!

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