New fitness craze in London – Morning Glory

Winter in the morning is almost upon us – the days are getting shorter and the mornings darker; making it that much harder to get ourselves out of bed and ready for work. Add an early morning gym session to the mix and life seems for too complicated for 6am.

It’s this type of thinking that spurred on a hot new fitness craze in London – Raving… in the morning. No, this is no joke. And it’s NOT an after party; people partaking are sober and ready for the day ahead!

Morning Glory is a pre-work Rave, starting at 6:30am and ending at 10am. Currently, the only location is London, and it happens every Wednesday.

And it is a proper party – except coffee and superfood smoothies (NO booze) are the drinks of choice.  There’s a cloak room in which to store your work clothes and people turn up in anything from PJs to party apparel – whatever makes you comfortable and able to shake what your momma gave you.

The weekly Raves attract a diverse crowd of city workers, media folk, artists, dancers and pretty much anyone who wants to start the day off with a bang!

The Morning Glory parties even offer massage, yoga and hula hooping.

Here’s the thing: as much as the Raves are about being active and doing exercise by dance, they are about attitude – they promote mental health by stimulating a positive mind-set, which is often difficult to cultivate first thing in the morning. The Raves are saying ‘get yup, it’s a beautiful day’. And we all know that a good party is often a great distraction to life’s woes.

Morning Glory is for people who want to be healthy and are keen to try something a little different!

To find out more, visit And if you’re not a London liver but like the idea, how about starting something like this in your area? – See contact details on the site.