New personal development app – “The Best You”

If you’re into a little personal development – who doesn’t have room to improve, right!? – then you might want to pick up a cyber-copy of “The Best You”, a new monthly magazine dedicated to achievement, education and personal development.

The mag, which runs as an app for all mobiles, is filled with advice on getting things done, confidence, self-esteem, motivation, focus, feeling and looking great and doing whatever it takes to help you improve your life.

It also includes interviews with celebs who share their advice, experiences and observations on life.

Life is not always a cheery event and new personal development app “The Best You” has positioned itself as an antidote to bad news and unnecessary sensationalism.

It sounds like it could become, dare I say it, a little cheesy after a few reads but in the same vein positivity is essential to keeping us sane I this crazy world.

It’s a new mag so there aren’t all that many reviews as of yet but the few comments scattered here and there are all really favourable. If you’re keen to give the new personal development app a try (the first couple of issues are free), CLICK HERE to subscribe.