New skincare app!

My meagre brain seems to suffer from information overload on a daily basis. We live in an age dominated by discovery, progression and consequently choice – lots of choice. And so I am always excited about anything that will de-saturate my brain a little by making choosing easier.

When it comes to skin care and the billions of products to help us do so, there is a nifty little skincare app by My Skin that offers personalised advice on what skin care products work best for your unique skin profile.

Firstly, it’s free – woop woop! – and secondly… did I mention free?

Once you’ve downloaded the mySkin: Skincare Advice app, take the ‘skin assessment test’ and you’ll be given a recommendation on what would work for your skin from over 160,000 skincare products across all brands and retailers.

The advice on the skincare app is based on your skin condition, lifestyle, diet and skin concerns.

Here are some of the app’s coolest features:

  • Check if a skincare product would work for your skin before buying.
  • Track skincare products you’ve used and share your experiences.
  • Build your skincare wish list to take to store or purchase online.

And what is life without a daily dose of social networking? The skincare app allows users to:

  • Get answers to your skincare questions from a trusted and savvy skincare community.
  • Find your friends, see what they use and follow skincare experts and mavens.

The recommendation engine is powered by patent pending technology developed by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and cosmetic pharmacologists. In other words pretty reliable.

CLICK HERE to download mySkin: Skincare Advice app.

Has anyone used My Skin’s app? If so, how would you rate it?