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Will Printed Makeup Be A Thing Soon?

Technology can do a huge number of things now, but one thing which we didn’t imagine it doing was creating “printed” makeup. That’s just what one company has done though. […]


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Nike to extend Nike+ to other sports

Nike has revealed plans to introduce versions of its Nike+ running monitoring system to other sports. What is Nike+ you may ask? Modern technology mumbo jumbo means pretty much nothing to me but I know that there are techno junkies out there who will appreciate a little explanation of Nike’s trendy training device, so here’s […]


Keeping lips luscious this winter

Lips. Luscious lips – required for singing, smiling and smooching. Lips need to be loved and cared for, especially in the cold months of winter when dry air puts a dampener on the festive season’s fun by dehydrating the skin, often resulting in dry, chapped, and painful lips. […]


Help for teen skin

As the largest manufacturer of natural healthcare products in the UK, Nelsons has built up a worthy reputation for itself in the alternative health market.  Most famous perhaps for its homeopathic remedies such as Arnica (available from Boots and Holland and Barrett) and Bach Flower Remedies, including the handbag essential Rescue Remedy, Nelson’s has brought […]