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Ways You Can Practise Self Care

Today’s world, despite what we’d like it to be, is a hectic and stressful place. […]


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Beauty trend: Minx nails

Leopardskin featured large on the autumn/winter ’10 catwalks.  Coats, capes, dresses, boots and gloves were all decked out in the super-trendy animal print.  But it’s a pretty loud look to carry off.  If you want to inject an element of animal magnetism into your winter wardrobe, a smaller dose can still pack quite a punch.  […]


Tesco ready to launch standalone baby stores

Consumers love a little retail competition and Tesco is about to up the stakes in the baby goods market. The supermarket retailer is launching a 6,000 sq ft baby section in its Walkden store in Manchester, dubbed Baby World. The store will stock new ranges of baby goods and larger items including high chairs and […]


Pumpkin face masks

Pumpkin makes an excellent face mask ingredient for all faces, especially environmentally damaged or sensitive skin. High in Vitamin A (skin healing), C (anti-oxidant) and zinc, pumpkin soothes, moisturises and acts as a carrier, assisting the other mask ingredients to absorb deeper into the skin and intensifying the results. So next Halloween you can cook […]


Mumsnet launches cancer campaign

Mumsnet is taking the bull by the horns with the impending launch of a campaign entitled “The ‘C’ Word”. Deep down in the recesses of our minds women everywhere know full well what the ‘C’ stands for but we will tell ourselves that the illusive ‘C’ is anything but c… c… cancer. Chocolate, cake, candles, […]