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Will Printed Makeup Be A Thing Soon?

Technology can do a huge number of things now, but one thing which we didn’t imagine it doing was creating “printed” makeup. That’s just what one company has done though. […]


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Keyboard Yoga

When life picks up pace, the first thing to suffer is usually our exercise regime – should we have one in the first place!  When there’s deadlines to meet or the kids are clamouring for attention, it’s too easy to make excuses for the morning run, skip the next yoga class, or put off that […]


In-flight essentials

In-flight essentials On a recent flight from Italy, I was aghast at being asked to throw away two full bottles of water that I’d planned to take on board with me.  It may only be a 2.5 hr journey back to the UK but I’m paranoid about dehydration setting in. The wrinkles need no excuse […]


Handbag essential: FLO

Perfume is the finishing touch to any outfit – whether you’re heading off to work for the day or dressing up for an evening out.  It can be uplifting, soothing, seductive,  glamourous.  Above all, like our signature, it is entirely individual. Frustratingly though, this elusive substance doesn’t linger on our skin for long.  Yet you […]


Beaut Camp – Ragdale Hall Thermal Spa

I just love the sound of this alternative to the Boot Camp rage that’s sweeping the country.  Who needs an ex-Army fitness instructor shouting at you to drop and do fifty, when you can check into an award-winning spa and work out, tone up and detox in a far more dignified fashion. Ragdale Hall Thermal […]