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A Make-Your-Own Deodorant Recipe

Whether you’re trying to avoid harsh chemicals, or whether you just want to make more of your own beauty products, this recipe for deodorant could be a good one to try. It doesn’t involve many ingredients, is relatively cheap, and it lasts for ages! […]


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Beauty tips from Alesha Dixon

As Strictly Come Dancing makes its way back onto screens for its 2010 season, we are reminded of two things: the first is that Christmas is around the corner (frightening) and the second is that Alesha Dixon is really quite stunning. The Strictly judge, also singer, songwriter and dancer, is anti-airbrush (don’t you love that) […]


Purifyne detox juice

Juice detox company Purifyne offers a 7-day Juice Detox Programme designed for busy individuals to kick-start start a healthy eating regime as well as shed un-wanted pounds, boost metabolic rates, increase energy levels and decrease cravings. Purifyne 7-day Detox Diet Plan promises to strengthen the immune system, repair damaged cells and improve skin, and encourage bodily […]


Lady Gaga to launch perfume in 2012

That gorgeous, crazy Lady who calls herself Gaga is confirmed to have signed a long-term licensing deal with Coty Inc. under her own name. Lady Gaga is branching into beauty with the launch of a signature fragrance. Stephan Mormoris, senior vice president of global marketing in the Coty Beauty division, described Gaga as “a fascinating cultural […]


Ultrasound tweezers face hair removal

Selectif Pro has launched an ultrasonic probe that is designed to remove unwanted hair. The device works by channeling ultrasound directly to the hair root via a probe. The ultrasound is then converted into heat and the temperature increase succeeds in inhibiting hair growth. To ensure that the ultrasound is directed to the hair root […]