Phone Etiquette: When to Text and When to Turn Off

We’re pretty attached to our phones. In fact, young people look at their phones around 150 times a day. There are even some people who never seem to be off of their phones unless they’re asleep. That’s fine when they’re on their own, but not so good when it’s a family celebration and social interaction is called for. So when are some of the other times you should you put your phone away and focus on the present?

Friends on phones

At the dinner table

Most of us (81%) agree that phones should be put away when eating a meal in the company of others, but despite that, 26% of young adults admit to talking on their phones during mealtimes.

On buses and trains

This isn’t so much about using your phone for texting or calling, but watching videos or playing music without headphones on public transport is just plain inconsiderate to other passengers.

At the supermarket

As well as at supermarket checkouts, you should also keep off your phone when you’re at hotel reception desks and any kind of shop till. The person serving you deserves your attention and acknowledgement. It’s hard to give that when you’re talking on the phone.

When you’re on the move

It’s obvious that you shouldn’t be on your phone in any way when you’re in charge of a moving vehicle, but if you’re walking down the road you should probably keep your phone out of your hand as well. There’re huge numbers of people who’ve walked into lamp posts, other people, oncoming traffic and so on because they’ve been looking down at their phone and not at where they’re going.

Are there any other situations you’d add to the list of no-phone situations?