Plants To Heal Your Body And Mind

Using greenery as interior decoration is a growing (excuse the pun) trend. Instagram has so many gorgeous photos of zen-like indoor gardens which show that you don’t have to have an outside space to be a gardening goddess.

Plants To Heal Your Body And Mind

As well as looking beautiful, having a garden of gorgeous plants (whether you have a sprawling outdoor garden or a small indoor jungle) could bring with it a whole host of healing properties – depending on which plants you’re growing.


Painful stomach? Dill is great for relieving indigestion. Dill can be used to make a tea, or as a delicious herb to include in your cooking.


Stressed? Lemon Balm is the herb for easing anxiety and relaxing the mind. It’s also good for restless sleepers, and, like dill, can help those with upset stomachs. Lemon Balm can be taken as a tea, but also makes a good base for green sauces and salsa dips.


Bad period pains? Lady’s Mantle is the plant you’ll want to grow. Especially if you’d like to avoid taking medical drugs. To harness the benefits of Lady’s Mantle you’ll want to pour a cup of boiling water over two teaspoons of the crushed and dried herb, or four teaspoons of Lady’s Mantle if you are using chopped fresh herbs. This tea should be allowed to brew for 10-15 minutes.


Trouble sleeping? Lavender is one of the best plants for helping those who can’t sleep, but other plants that help promote sleep are Valerian and Jasmine. Keeping these near your bed so you can smell their scent as you fall asleep should help.