Proud Pimples on Facebook

Who’d have thought that those dreaded little beasts, also known as pimples, would make a claim on social media? Certainly not me – the ones on my face are enough thanks. October 2010 will go down in history as the month that Facebook suggested that the world not be ashamed of those beastly spots that leave no face unturned… including celebs.

“Proud Pimples” is the world’s first Facebook fan page – the word “fan” is not suggesting that we grow to love our pimples but rather that we not be shamefaced by them. Proud Pimples aims to keep its community members up to date with all things relating to putrid pimples, including the latest celebrity spots, the best zit popping movies and obviously the community’s own little beauties. It’s also the perfect platform to share pimple remedies and perhaps confide in a bunch of people who understand the trauma caused by the nasty little freaks that managed to destroy a first date, a wedding, a romantic dinner – the list is undoubtedly endless. The fan page has been described as a place to cringe, laugh and cry.

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