Semi permanent mascara

I love my mascara.  It thickens, lengthens and dresses up my eyelashes with just a single stroke.  It’s the finishing flourish to any outfit, day or night, and makes one feel presentable, even when you’re only dressed in jeans and a T-shirt.

But there are times when you’re either in too much of a rush or when mascara is downright impractical (eg. swimming or travelling).  If your lashes are blonde, or just fair on the tips, going mascara-free may not be a desirable option.  So what should you do?  Having your lashes dyed professionally starts at around £12 and if you want your eyebrows done too, that’ll be another £7-10.  But for just £7.49, you can buy an Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit from Boots that gives you 16 applications, each one lasting for around a month.

Before you start, it’s best to put some petroleum jelly or similar (I used a slick of Sudocrem) on the skin around your eyebrow and lashes.  That way, if you slip with the dye, you won’t end up with an unattractive smeared effect for the next few weeks (as happened to me last time I went to a salon for this treatment…).

Mixing up the dye cream and developer liquid in the accompanying palette was easy enough.  I tested the dye on my brows first and found it easy to spread over the hair with the plastic wand included.  1-2 minutes is the recommended time to leave the dye to take effect so, once the time was up, I wiped it off with dampened cotton wool.  It wasn’t quite as dark as I like so I decided to go for a second application – next time I’ll know to just leave the dye on for 4-5 minutes.  The finished effect was great and so much easier than taking time out to visit a salon (as well as being decidedly cheaper).

Next up, my eyelashes.  These were a little trickier to apply semi-liquid dye to and I felt it might have been easier to use a mascara-style wand to coat each lash.  Once on though, I set the timer for 10 minutes as instructed and sat back to wait for the results.  I may have pushed the dye a little too close to the inner lid as my left eye started stinging within a couple of minutes.  So I wiped that eye clean and left the other side to take effect.  After ten minutes (and no stinging), I cleaned the other eye with a lukewarm cotton bud and yes, my lashes were definitely darker.  Ok, so I was now a little lopsided but that could be easily remedied.

Obviously with a dye, you don’t get the thick, glossy or lengthening effect of a tube of instant mascara.  But for holidays or a waterproof alternative, it’s a great idea.  I shall certainly be using it on my brows from henceforth as I think I did a rather better job than the professional therapist I went to last.

I used Colorsport’s 30 Day Mascara in dark brown but it also comes in black and is available from Boots, Asda or Superdrug.