Should you squeeze spots?

Tweens and teens often struggle to cope with spots as they go through puberty, and the battle for clear skin seems to be an almost inevitable part of growing up.

As an adult, you might still suffer with the occasional temporary blemish, usually – it seems – right before a major event, such as a wedding, job interview or family photo shoot!

While we have loads of choice of lotions and potions, washes and creams to try to combat the appearance of spots, from using toothpaste or tea-tree oil, to teen-targeted facial washes and zit zappers, and not forgetting the old faithful Sudocrem, which is great for reducing redness on the face as it is on a baby’s bottom.

But one question still remains: Should you squeeze spots?

According to 4Beauty at, there are times when it is ok to squeeze a spot and times when it most definitely is not.

According to experts, squeezing a pimple that has come to a noticeable white head is ok, providing your fingers are clean. The advice is to use a tissue to prevent digging nails into the skin, and to dab with tea-tree oil, which has a natural anti-bacterial effect. In my experience, getting rid of little white spots in this way is very effective.

However, squeezing a spot that is read and has no visible head if a definite no-no. In fact, according to 4Beauty, this can actually force bacteria further under the skin.

And from personal experience, I can testify that trying to squeeze a spot that is still too far below the surface really does cause more harm than good, leaving you with a bigger, redder lump than you started out with, when leaving it alone might have allowed it to come and go much more quickly, and less conspicuously!