Signs You’re (Almost) In A Relationship

It can be hard to work out where we stand in relationships nowadays. You can go on dates with someone for many weeks and not know if you are in an official relationship with them or not. You can be dating only that one person and not know if you are exclusively dating, or if it’s understood that you can date other people at the same time. If this is you, then these are a few indicators that you may be in an “almost” relationship.

Young couple

They are your go-to person 

Whether it’s for venting about your annoying flatmate, or just that you had an amazing day at work and you have to share it with someone, when you find yourself instinctively wanting to tell the person you’re dating about what you’ve been up to before you tell anyone else, you know things are getting serious.

You bring them up in conversation…a lot!

When you’re excited about something or someone, you’re naturally going to want to talk about it. If you find yourself bringing your date up in conversation, regardless of original conversation topic, on a regular basis, then that’s a good sign that you really really like them.

You think twice about flirting 

If when you’re out for drinks with your friends you find yourself questioning whether or not it’s ok to be flirting with the bar staff, or you’re not sure what to say if someone asks you whether you’re single, then chances are that at least part of you feels that you’re in a relationship.

If any/all of this sounds familiar, then perhaps it’s time to bite the bullet and ask the other person where you both stand.