Skin-Ageing Habits To Avoid

The “always take your makeup off before bed” and “never forget to put on sunscreen when it’s sunny” rules may be well known when it comes to skincare tips, but there are a few less obvious skin-ageing habits which lots of us do, and shouldn’t.

Skin-Aging Habits to Avoid

Yo-yo dieting

Inconsistent or inadequate nutrition which sees your body mass and weight going up and down can be really bad for your skin. It helps to contribute to ruined elasticity in your skin and a reduction of collagen. Diets which cut out certain foods groups can also be bad for your skin as, although they may (or may not) help you to lose weight, they can also lead to a lack of the vitamins and minerals which your skin needs to stay healthy.

Drinking too much coffee

Large amounts of caffeine in the system can raise levels of insulin and cortisol in the body, both substances which aren’t great for our skin. Too much caffeine can also lead to disturbed or a deprivation of sleep – something which our skin desperately needs.

Eating too much salt

Salt absorbs moisture, and eating too much of it can lead to your skin looking dry and dull.

Using soap

Yes, you need to wash your skin, of course you do, but soaps are generally alkaline and they can remove the naturally protective layer of oils which helps to protect our skin. When this layer is gone, the skin can dry out and in time this can lead to wrinkles. Opting for a PH-neutral and chemical-free cleanser can help to guard against this.

Via 30 Seconds