Some Eco-Friendly Makeup Brands To Check Out

These brands may not be the most well-known, or available in your local pharmacy, but if you’re looking for eco-friendly makeup lines, these are some of the best.

Young woman with makeup brush


They make vegan-friendly cosmetics, but also vegan hair, body and skin products.

Beauty Without Cruelty

Another vegan brand. This one is especially good for anyone with sensitive skin.


This is one of the brands which you’re more likely to find stocked on the high street. Aveda aims to join beauty, environment, and well-being together in their products, based on the principles of the Indian healing traditions of Ayurveda.


If you’re a professional makeup artist then this might be the brand for you. This company makes professional makeup and accessories, and also offers a discount program to all licensed professionals.


As the name suggests they’re focused on beauty application, bath and hair tools (brushes, combs etc) rather than the makeup side of things. They focus on making products that are made from innovative eco-conscious materials.