Spring is here! Let’s clear out: the handbag

I swap between handbags quite often, usually when I am going out without the children and want to travel a little lighter, leaving the spare pants, entertainment, snacks, hats and gloves behind me for a while.

By swapping bags frequently, you might think that I manage to keep on top of what is in them, since I empty them out more often than if I stuck to the same bag every day. But in fact the opposite is true.

This is because I swap my bag with one foot out of the door (usually because I am running late, and my bag is the last thing on my list as I try to leave the house).

So instead of sitting down with bag A, bag B and a rubbish bin, and carefully going through moving things one at a time from bag A to either bag B or the bin (which only happens at New Year), I take the essentials from bag A, through them into bag B and then head out the door.

Next day, I don’t usually have time to move things from bag B back to normal bag A, so bag B becomes the new ‘everyday’ bag to be filled with daily rubbish.

Then next time I go out, I dutifully move the essentials from bag B back to bag A, which I find out later is still full of rubbish from last week!

So in short, I swap the essentials around regularly, but rarely find time to get rid of the rest!

So, rather than leaving it any longer, I am going to use spring as a good excuse to turf all the rubbish out of all of my handbags, and make up a pack of child-friendly equipment that I can put into and take out of any given bag, making it easier to leave the excess baggage behind rather than carrying more on my shoulders than I need to.