A student app to help manage their money

One of the best ways to save money, ‘specially when you don’t have all that much, is to keep tabs on your spending.

If excel spread sheets, mental arithmetic or good ol’ pen and paper don’t sound that appealing, what about an app? – Moneywise, personal finance magazine and online resource for managing finances, has an app that is a brilliant budgeting tool/expense tracker.

The Moneywise app has nifty features including a specially tuned keyboard allows you to enter amounts quickly, and the ability to: organise your entries efficiently with groups and tags, edit or delete all entries, tags and groups at any time and view your spending, income history and adjust your previous entries.

student app

But what makes this app really useful is a function that generates reports for any period of time and kind of expenses, and a graph function that will help you compare data – like, how much you spent on groceries, socialising, boozing, your phone etc. month on month.

Being able to see how your expenditure compares with a tool that analyses data at the push of a button (so to speak) is one easy way to see where you need to cut your spending (if need be) and where you might be able to spend a little more, perhaps.

And if you feel like beefing up on your finance knowledge, the app also contains the latest episodes from Moneywise TV and news from the brand’s award winning editorial team.

To download the Moneywise app, which is suitable for Android and iPhone, CLICK HERE or HERE, respectively.