Teenage skin tips

Teenage skin tips

Teenagers have a lot to deal with.  They’re expected to make far-reaching decisions about their careers, their bodies are growing and changing by the day, there’s always some new fad to keep up with, they’ve just started to find the opposite sex attractive and on top of all that, raging hormones can play havoc with their skin.

Image is important to all of us but, at such a volatile time in life, teenagers in particular really don’t need to be feeling self-conscious about skin eruptions, blemishes or sensitivity.

Because of the increased sebum secretion that accompanies puberty, all skin types will be prone to greasiness and the occasional spot.  But get a proper skin regime in place and this shouldn’t become too troublesome.  Anyone suffering from severe acne should never suffer in silence as there are some fantastic medical products available to deal with this.  Visit a GP for advice.

Whatever your skin type, a basic beauty regime should be the cornerstone of your skincare and should include the following elements:


Cleansing is as important as brushing your teeth and should likewise be repeated twice-daily.

Even if you’re not wearing make-up (and especially if you are!) it’s important to remove any dust, perspiration or bacteria that may linger on the skin.

Soap can alter the delicate ph of the skin and is too drying for most skin types.

Look for a specific facial cleanser in either cream or gel form.

Rinse well and pat (don’t rub) skin dry.


Not essential but a gentle toner will help remove any last traces of your cleanser and leaves your skin supple and primed for moisturising.


Don’t be fooled by occasional spots that you don’t need to moisturise.  Some skin has dry or sensitive areas and even oily skin can benefit from the extra nutrients of a light moisturiser.  Just find the right type for your skin.

Weekly treats

Exfoliate – use a very gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells and allow your moisturiser to penetrate more effectively.

Facial steam – add a few drops of essential oil, like Lavender or Neroil, to a bowl of freshly boiled water.  Carefully place a towel over your head and let the steam from the hot water open up your pores and release impurities.  This is a good time  for extractions (removing blackheads – but do this with a tissue not sharp fingernails!)  You can also follow up with a mask afterwards if needed.

Face mask – a clay-based one helps draw out impurities.

Lastly, don’t forget your sunblock.  You might not have any lines now but sunburn can cause unseen damage even at an early age.  So always cover up or use a Moisturiser with a SPF in.

But if you’re a teenager, I really don’t need to tell you things like that anymore…!