The Advantages of Exploring Europe By InterRail

You may have heard of InterRailing before, or this may be the first time you’ve come across the idea. In case you’ve not heard about it before, essentially interRailing is when you buy one ticket which will cover all of your train travel, no matter which operator you use, in one or more countries within Europe.

Exploring Europe through Interrail

Who is InterRailing open to?

An InterRail Pass is a ticket available to European residents, but countries outside of Europe can purchase something called the Eurail Pass, which offers the same opportunity of touring through one or more countries using one ticket via the railway.

We should also add that, for those who wish to tour other countries on the same basis as InterRail, there are similar schemes available in places such as Asia, the USA, and India.

How long does it last for? 

You can buy several different forms of an InterRail Pass, which last for different lengths of time and which cover a greater or lesser number of countries. These range from unlimited rail travel within European countries over any three days within one month, to three months of unlimited rail travel within any European country. You can also buy InterRail passes for a single country which allow for up to eight days of rail travel within a month in that country.

Why use it? 

Now to the important question! There’s a good reason why InterRailing is so popular with travellers, and the main reason is that it’s one of the most affordable ways to satisfy your wanderlust. While travelling by planes may be quicker, going by train is much much cheaper, and especially so if you’re planning on visiting multiple places. An added tick in the box of rail travel: if you go by train you can see more of the country as you watch the scenery go by outside your window.

Another major advantage is that you can see the lesser-known areas of a country. As well as large cities, you can travel to remote towns and experience the local traditions. Though if it turns out that a place you’ve gone to isn’t all you hoped it would be, it’s no problem – it’s easy to hop on a train and go somewhere else.

Essentially, if you long to tour Europe, it’s well worth considering doing it by InterRail.