The Skills You Need To Get You Through Uni

Regardless of what course it is you’re taking, there are some skills which are universally needed to get you through your time at university. If you can develop these skills then, whether or not you’ve remembered to buy the right course books and done all of the extra-reading, you should be well on the way to success, both in uni and later on in life.

The Skills You Need to Get Through Uni

Skill one – discipline

If you can be strict with yourself and meet deadlines, then you’re halfway there. After all, you can’t win if you don’t take part. Or in this case, you can’t get any kind of grade if you don’t submit the coursework. If it takes sticky notes littered around the house reminding you to get things done, then do that. If alarms on your phone work better, then do that. Being disciplined in getting up on time, getting down to work on time, and getting to appointments on time will be a skill for life.

Skill two – judgement

Take the time to take stock of situations. Weighing up the pros and cons of ideas is a must, and good judgement is something which comes with practice. Just because you * could * go out clubbing all night with friends on the night before a class test doesn’t mean you should. Ignore the FOMO (fear of missing out) voice and don’t be afraid to call a bad idea a bad idea.

Skill three – credit

If you work as a group, in a university class, or in a work team in your later career, make sure that you give credit where it’s due. If someone in the team came up with a really good idea, let your lecturer/team leader know. Not only will this make them feel good, but it will show that you’re a team player, that you have integrity and can be trusted, and it will mean that people will look to work with you in the future.

Often it’s not a case of what you know, but who you know that helps you in life. By practising the skills of self-discipline, good judgement, and giving credit, you’ll build good connections and your reputation as a person to know and to work with will precede you.