Top foot care product? Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Foot Cream

I am one of those unlucky souls who suffer from horrifically dry feet. When looking at my heels it would appear that the Grand Canyon, and his brothers, have left the good ol’ US of A and taken up residence on my feet.

I have used a truck load of smoothing foot files and an equal number of foot care products. Foot files work temporarily but mostly leave my feet feeling like Velcro – ready to fuse to the carpet if I walk barefoot.

Trying out different foot care products can end up being a budget breaker and therefore often get left off the month’s shopping list. Sigh.

On a recent shopping trip to Sainsbury’s I randomly picked up Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Foot Cream, thinking that for the price of £2.99 I may as well try it.

And, realising I sound like an infomercial, the cream has changed the skin on my feet. The canyons on my heels were gone within a couple of days – no exaggeration.

Every person’s skin is different and a product that works for one may not work for others. Neutrogena’s special formula claims 24 hour moisturisation and is non-greasy and non-sticky in texture. It has definitely worked for me.