Top ten makeup basics women can’t live without

Okay, before I dish the dirt on the ten top makeup basics we can’t live without; make a quick list in your own head…


My top three are: 1) concealer 2) mascara 3) eyeliner. Without hesitation.

If I had to add another two, I’d add lip gloss and maybe foundation. I definitely feel that if my skin looks good then my confidence level improves – if I am having a rubbish skin day then I totally do  the whole Victoria Beckham big sunglasses thing if foundation (which I don’t always use) is not to hand, or I’m in a rush. I’d also add tweezers to the list if we’re talking liberally.

The actual list of ten must haves reads as follows:

  1. Mascara (74 per cent)
  2. Eyeliner (71 per cent)
  3. Concealer (66 per cent)
  4. Blusher (63 per cent)
  5. Lip gloss/balm (61 per cent)
  6. Foundation (58 per cent)
  7. Lipstick (57 per cent)
  8. Bronzer (48 per cent)
  9. Eyeshadow (43 per cent)
  10. Highlighter/ Under-eye Pen (39 per cent)

My list is really similar! Although it would seem that y’all have better skin than I do – listing mascara as the number one makeup essential.

And I thought blusher might feature – something I never wear owing to my naturally rosy cheeks.

Want to know the collective value of all this stuff? The average makeup bag (a mix of high street brands rather than high-end products) adds up to nearly £100 – £93.32 to be exact. And more than half of us (52 per cent) update the contents of our makeup bags every 3 weeks.

If this is what our makeup bags are worth, imagine what our handbags (and all that we haul around in them) amount to!? Scary thought!

Source: – Looking good doesn’t come cheap! Makeup basics come to almost £100 – and mascara is the everyday product we can’t live without