Unique clutch bags – literary book clutches

Calling all fashionistas! If you love clutches, and so happen to be a bookworm as well; your pulse is just about to get freakishly fast…

…literary book clutches are where the coolness is at!

Check out PsBesitos – online and on Etsy – for handmade clutches embroidered with the cover of a literary classic, or any literature; the clutches are bespoke as well.

The designs focus on romantic and retro, vintage as well, but I am itching to walk around with a Silence of the Lambs clutch in hand! Dracula would be ever better! Why not order a whole bunch to go with different outfits?

Unique clutch bags

The bags are small – as clutches usually are – but beautifully crafted and lined to suit the chosen theme.

From 50s cookbooks and fun summer reads to Alice In Wonderland, Beatrix Potter (my daughter’s kill for a Peter Rabbit clutch) and anything Jane Austin, the literary clutches transcend age and are as fashion-y as it gets.

I think it’s my birthday…um… tomorrow!

PsBesitos also does gorgeous jewellery and accessories that are just generally to die for. CLICK HERE to find out more.