Valentine's beauty tips

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you are heading out on a date, spending the evening with the girls, or expecting a romantic night in with your loved one, we all want to look our best, so why not start thinking about your skin now?
Winter can be extremely damaging to the skin: central heating and constantly moving from heated cars and buildings to the cold winter air and back again can cause dryness and irritation, while exposure to harsh weather can lead to dry, chapped skin and redness.
So to get your face back in shape, here are a few Valentine’s beauty tips you can use any time – Valentine’s day or not!
* Drink loads of water – nothing peps up the skin like it. Your face will feel firmer and smoother if it is better hydrated, and you’ll give your whole body a good flushing out, clearing toxins from your skin at the same time.
* Eat loads of fresh fruit and vegetables – blueberries are said to be beneficial to the complexion, and because fruit and veg have high vitamin, mineral and water content, you’ll be giving your skin everything it needs to look and feel healthy.
* Protect your lips – use a lip balm to keep lips from drying out or chapping in the cold weather.

* Use a hydrating face mask once a week to put lost moisture back into your skin.
* Use a soothing cream such as Sudocrem to calm any spots or eczema.
* Moisturise – protect your skin from harsh winter weather and the drying effects of central heating and open fires with an intensive moisturiser designed for winter use, and you’ll be glowing all the way to spring!