What Makes Where You Live Amazing

Every year there are new survey results detailing the best place to live in the UK. This year the best place to live in the UK is as follows:

What Makes Where You Live Amazing

Winchester – according to the Royal Mail

Salisbury – according to the Sunday Times

Farnborough – according to the Office for National Statistics

Stornaway – according to the Halifax

There are more surveys conducted by other sources, all with their own verdict on the ‘best place’, which makes you wonder – why do they pick the places they do?

There are some common virtues which these places all have in common. These include having a low rate of crime, good schools, good transport links, a friendly community, good air quality, and a nice appearance.

These are all aspects that certainly make a place nice to live in, but curiously, they also tend to have a medieval cathedral as well. In fact, estate agents think that having a cathedral nearby can add 10% to the value of a house. The other stand-out feature is that the best places tend to have small businesses and eccentricity.

The best places to live are eclectic. Forget shiny new shopping malls, what makes a town or city special is its individuality. Kitsch coffee houses instead of Costas; small boutique stationers instead of a branch of WHSmith; a boutique bakery instead of a Greggs. These little quirks are what make a place special.

So, if you want to shine, as a place or as a person, always be yourself – in all of your unique glory.