What To Do When Reading Becomes A Chore

If you’re at university and you’ve been snowed under with lists of reading that you have to do for your course, then the idea of doing more reading in your time off, even if you’ve always been a dedicated bookworm before, can be just too much.

Confident young woman

Reading is one of the simple pleasures in life, but the problem is that if you have to do lots of it for work then you can lose your love of reading for pleasure. If this sounds familiar, this rule might help you regain that love.

The rule: stay away from any screens until you’ve done at least half an hour of reading.

Sure, if you’ve just spent two hours reading up on the history of Marxism (or whatever your assignment might be) then sticking on Netflix and browsing Facebook is all too easy to do. The thing is that if you do that then it’s what you’ll find yourself doing whenever you have a spare minute.

Try reading something you want to read for the joy of reading first thing in the morning, or in the evenings, and see what a difference it makes to your happiness. After all, who needs to start their day reading an angry tirade on Twitter or looking at yet another selfie? If you start your day by reading, you’ll put yourself in a relaxed and positive frame of mind. If you end it by reading, by falling asleep mid-chapter rather than in the middle of yet another re-run of Friends, then you’ll get a far more restful night of sleep too.

(P.S. if you really don’t have any spare time, then listening to an audiobook while you’re washing up or walking the dog is a good compromise.)