What your choice of meat says about your personality

Are you a meat eater? I am. I love a good barbeque in summer and a delicious roast in winter… speaking of which; new research shows that a person’s roast dinner choice can predict their personality type, their lifestyle and even their job.

Fo’ real!

A study commissioned by national restaurant group Toby Carvery by Mindlab, an organisation which undertakes specialist research into the psychology and neuroscience of consumer choice and preference, launched an investigation to discover what your favourite type of roast says about you – mean and veg included. Over 1000 adults aged 18+ answered in-depth questions about their personality and their roast dinner preferences, and here’s what was concluded.

• Roast turkey dinner eaters are organised, reserved and conscientious. They are also disciplined and more resistant to change. They typically wear more practical, comfortable clothing over anything decorative. They are reserved and reflective.
• Roast chicken dinner eaters are sympathetic, kind and affectionate. They are also willing to compromise in an argument.
• Fans of roast beef dinners take part in sporting activities in their spare time.
• Those with a penchant for roast pork dinners are more likely to be couch-potatoes – not keen to partake in sport.
• Roast gammon-goers are more likely to be older, usually retired.
• Those who favour roast lamb (often students) are likely to be more extrovert in temperament.


Those who mix their meats are more likely to make impulsive decisions.

Pea-people are generous and open to new experiences, while cauliflower cheese aficionados are conservative and less amenable to change. Those partial to a parsnip are more likely to be optimistic, laid-back, calm and less vulnerable to stress, whereas red cabbage eaters are more likely to be self-absorbed and spontaneous with a tendency for unpredictable behaviour.

People who enjoy more than one Yorkshire pudding typically rate watching TV as the favourite thing to do in their free time, whereas carrot-crunchers are more likely to enjoy reading.

Mashed potatoes were revealed as the preference for those who are more outgoing, enthusiastic and energetic. Roast potato lovers are more likely to be sensitive and intellectually curious with music playing an important role in their day-to-day life. However, boiled potatoes are the top choice for people who are more likely to watch sport than take part.

So – I’d choose roast beef but if given an option to, I’ll mix my meats (beef, chicken and lamb). I love all veg but and would eat anything on offer but (of the food mentioned) would probs choose roast potato, cauliflower, peas, carrots and definitely Yorkshire pudding. Translation: I am sporty, impulsive, sympathetic, kind, affectionate, willing to compromise, phlegmatic, outgoing, enthusiastic and energetic but also conservative and not keen on change. I like TV and reading.

Some of those characteristics are slightly contradictory (phlegmatic but not a fan of change, for example… outgoing but conservative) and also untrue (I am totally stubborn and thus not quick to compromise) – I guess that’s what happens when you define your personality according to meat and veg…

…but who said it wasn’t fun!?

What does your choice of roast say about you?