Why Eating in the Dark is so Good

It’s not something you’ll find offered in many places, but there are some specialised restaurants which offer diners the experience of eating in total darkness, and there are a lot of very good reasons to try it!

Why eating in the dark is so good

It helps enhance flavours

Without outside distractions such as other diners or passers-by outside of windows etc etc, there is far more attention on what you are tasting than there would be in a normal lit-up restaurant. If you want to appreciate the subtle flavours and scents of food, this is an excellent way to do it.

It can encourage deep conversations

When you can see other people’s expressions, conversations can be quite reserved, but there’s a kind of safety which comes from being in the dark, and diners often find themselves discussing quite personal subjects such as love affairs and break-ups. It can be quite the cathartic event!

It could broaden minds

In Davos at a “Dining in the Dark” event, Gina Badenoch, the founder of the social enterprise Capaxia and organiser of the event, hoped that it would encourage the guests to broaden the type of people they employed.

The waiters who guided diners to their tables were all visually impaired, which was not something which guests knew about until the lights went up at the end of the meal. One guest said that “if any of our table had met him beforehand, we agree we would have assumed he wasn’t anywhere near as capable…we all feel ashamed.”