Yellow skin is in!

New research carried out by St. Andrews and Bristol Universities has revealed that brighter and more yellow complexions are found to be most attractive.

The study comprised tests which involved volunteers digitally manipulating a selection of faces to look as healthy as possible.

According to Professor David Perrett from the University of St. Andrews, “The only natural way in which we can make our skin lighter and more yellow is to eat a more healthy diet high in fruit and vegetables.”

Foods containing yellowing pigments are called carotenoids and exist in food including carrots and plums – these foods should be consumed for a healthier (more yellow) tone.

If carrots, plums or any other yellow-orange fruit or veg aren’t really up your street, there are moisturisers on the market that contain carrot extract, which are thought to induce a healthy, more yellow skin tone.

Sophyto’s Omega Daily Moisturiser contains an organic carrot extract along with other food-type ingredients, and GloTherapeutics GloRetinol CS also contains carrot extract.

I remember someone once telling me that if you eat too many carrots (however many that may be), your skin would turn orange.

Imagining myself as a giant pumpkin who doesn’t need a costume for Halloween, I elicited a sceptical laugh, as I gnawed away at my delicious carrot.