For over 90 years, Sudocrem® has been soothing skin and while we have long been known as a trusted nappy cream, we want you to know that Sudocrem® is there for the whole family – not just for babies!

That’s why our new campaign aims to highlight that Sudocrem®‘s healing properties extend beyond nappy rash, providing effective treatments for many skin-related issues, no matter the age! Whether it’s treating acne, soothing eczema flare-ups or protecting minor cuts and grazes from infection. Sudocrem® is here as your trusted ally to help soothe, heal and protect your skin as often as required. Learn more about conditions.

So, next time you reach for that familiar tub, remember that Sudocrem® has been soothing skin since 1931, it’s there for the whole family, not just for babies.