We call Sudocrem the ‘magic cream’ in our house because it has helped with my girls’ skin problems. From when I had my first girl 6 years ago to now, it seems to help my daughter with nappy rash and dry skin.


It has been my total life-­saver on many occasions; the worst time was with my 2nd girl who had horrendous nappy rash when she was teething aged 1! Within 24 hours, Sudocrem helps with irritation and this means she can sleep more comfortably and soundly. Thanks Sudocrem!

Looking at camera, a mum is cooking with her daughters.

I found Sudocrem over 30 years ago when my son, learning to crawl went a little too fast, face down, and got a carpet burn all along his nose. A friend gave me a little tub of Sudocrem to use on it and it seemed to soothe and helped the healing process. Because of the nature of his burn I then always kept a tub at hand for many skin emergenciesnot just the nappy rash.


The big one for me was when both my son and daughter had chicken pox-­using a cotton bud to dab a little cream on each ‘pox’ it eased the itching and therefore although well covered with spots, neither scratched or ended up with scars. Today both children have Sudocrem as standard part of their baby kit and it is now being used for the grandchildren.

Mother holding clothes basket.

Sudocrem has literally repaired my over washed dry cracked hands that I’ve developed due to constant hand washing since new baby arrived, but a big dollop on every night before bed and spend a min or two massaging it in whilst dozing of to sleep, it works wonders.

Mum dad and daughter looking at camera.