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Classic children’s games all the family will love

There are literally thousands upon thousands of games for children – from avoiding stepping in pretend dog poop to pulling slimy ‘bogies’ out of a nose. But you can’t beat these age-old classic games we all know and love. Connect 4 Such a simple concept of matching four counters of the same colour, but great […]


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Cheap summer activities for children

After weeks of home learning/schooling and trying to keep children entertained while schools are shut and childcare is limited, parents are now faced with a long summer of the same! Here are some cheap summer activities for children.     Crafting Crafting lends itself to hours of endless creative fun, and craft kits are a […]


Mom and boy child water the garden together, Mom’s little gardener assistant, taking care of children and garden. Mother watering her son from watering can, take care of trees and plants, wet child

Great garden projects for children

This is a great time to get out in the garden with your children – not only for some exercise but also for fun and learning. Here are some simple garden projects that you can adapt for kids of all ages.     Make an enchanted garden The base of a tree or a hollow […]


happy child boy rides a racetrack in Park in the summer

Easy ways to make exercise fun

Children need to develop their bodies as well as their minds. Everyone knows exercise is important for people of all ages and abilities, but how can you get your little ones excited about exercise? By making it fun!     Star jumps See who can do ten star jumps in a row. Make it a […]


Cute little girl refresh herself from garden watering hose

Cheap and cheerful outdoor toys

While we’re still in semi-lockdown, gardens are becoming the new “place to be”, especially when the weather is nice. There are loads of ways the whole family can have fun in the garden, without spending a fortune on toys! Here are some of the best cheap and cheerful things you can buy to keep your […]