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Best Christmas Gift Ever? LEGO Minifigures that Look Like Your Kids

Collecting minifigures is addictive no matter how old you are; the sheer variety makes the curating game especially challenging–but there may be some one-of-a-kind models that only you will have to have: minifigs made to look like your kids–or yourself, if you don’t find the idea of a 3cm plastic doppelgänger terrifying.

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How to do the Aurora Princess Twist for Your Little Princess

There are some core skills every parent must assimilate and commit to memory for the pure purpose of survival–how to treat a scald, how to negotiate with a toddler gone mad with power…and how to do a princess braid in your daughter’s hair. Two of those can be achieved via some simple instructions; for the one, here’s the tutorial to win your little girl’s heart forever–or at least as long as Disney fairytales have a monopoly on childhood (you’re probably safe forever).

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