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How to do the Aurora Princess Twist for Your Little Princess

There are some core skills every parent must assimilate and commit to memory for the pure purpose of survival–how to treat a scald, how to negotiate with a toddler gone mad with power…and how to do a princess braid in your daughter’s hair. Two of those can be achieved via some simple instructions; for the one, here’s the tutorial to win your little girl’s heart forever–or at least as long as Disney fairytales have a monopoly on childhood (you’re probably safe forever).

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5 Ways to Make Magical Playdough!

The love of playdough is innate in kids; perhaps it’s the small-scale opportunity to manipulate, create, and smoosh into oblivion; maybe it’s the subversive glee in squelching all the cool colours together into a defiant shade of brown. Whatever the fascination, playdough is a handy staple to have for rainy days or afternoons without inspiration. But–when you factor in how many times you’ll need to replace the dried up hunks of immalleable brown, it ends up pretty pricey. Instead, try these five easy diy recipes for awesome playdough–so awesome, in fact, that your offspring may feel compelled to make it last a little longer (eh, who are we kidding; at least these versions are cheap).

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Find Your Mummy Soulmate with the New Peanut App

Nobody warns you that despite having just added to your family, having a baby can oftentimes be crushingly lonely. At the very least, you’ll suddenly find yourself longing for even the most cursory of human contact–an extended chat with (the irony!) the door-to-door salesman, even–just to catch a break from the monotony of early mummy-life. Thankfully, one mum has channelled this lesser advertised aspect of motherhood into a sanity-saving solution: the Peanut app.

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5 Top Toys for Your Little Explorer (that aren’t Toys)

So your lil’ bundle of adventure is on the move–presumably, he’s also thoroughly-versed in his stash of ‘educational’ playthings, and is, quite frankly, bored. Now he’s on a raiding mission (and good luck stopping him). If you want to pre-empt disaster and danger, but not shell out on new gaudy gear to temporarily amuse, here’s five of the best–i.e. free–household ‘toys’ that’ll provide your precocious tot hours of mind-boggling pleasure. You’re welcome.

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