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All you need to know about baby led weaning

Baby led weaning used to be a unique approach to starting your little one on solid foods, but it’s now becoming very popular with many parents. Here’s a general guide if you’re thinking of taking this approach to weaning.     What is baby led weaning? As an alternative to purees and mashed food when […]


Coping with a fussy eater

Fussy eating is one of the most common things parents have to face. One day your child loves a certain food and the next day they hate it! So, how do you deal with a fussy eater?     Involve your child in buying food Little people are more likely to be open to trying […]


The importance of giving your child a varied diet

From weaning, right through to teenage years, it’s important to allow your child the opportunity to enjoy a varied diet. Toddlers, in particular, are growing and developing quickly, eating well will give them the energy and nutrients they need for brainpower and physical activity.     It’s good to start teaching your child and allow […]


Baby weaning tips

Weaning is an exciting time for you and baby. You have the fun of watching your little one experiencing new tastes and textures, along with the strange facial expressions that come with it!   […]