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4 Simple Ways to Pump Up Your Body Confidence After Pregnancy

Your body has achieved the most incredible feat – you’ve carried life and delivered it into the world. But when you behold your reflection, you might not feel the fact of this mindblowing physiological achievement; being pregnant for almost a year has a way of making your once-familiar self unrecognisable. The reality is that you have to accept certain irrevocable changes to the physical–but that doesn’t mean body confidence is gone for good. Here’s 4 tips to help you work towards your own personal #bodygoals and a healthy attitude.

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Here’s How to Carry Your Baby’s Car Seat the ‘Right’ Way

Without a doubt, one of the most cumbersome pieces of baby gear is the car seat. Once you’ve eventually gotten to grips with securing your child into the rubik’s cube, your work is far from done – you’ll just as soon have to lug the monstrosity from car to home and back to car again. Then back to home. Then back to the car. And no matter how teensy the passenger, the actual weight of a car seat is ridiculously disproportionate – not to mention the design and dimensions of the seat itself make impossible to carry without bruising a hip or smashing a knee. But–there may be hope for us beleaguered kiddie cabbies yet, thanks to a chiropractor’s handy car seat toting tip.

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