Baby Loss Awareness Week 2022: Information And Support

Baby Loss Awareness Week is an annual week of information and support for everyone who has been affected by the loss of a baby. This poignant Baby Loss Awareness Week 2022 is the 9th to the 15th of October. It’s an opportunity to remember those losses and mark them in a special way.


baby loss awareness week 2022



What Is Baby Loss Awareness Week?


2022 marks the 20th year of Baby Loss Awareness Week. During this week more than 100 charities and groups work together to offer support, give people who have been affected by loss of a baby a place to have a voice, and raise public awareness of the issues, feelings, and trauma people can face in the aftermath and grief of loss.


Anyone who needs support, regardless of whether the loss is recent or long ago, can make use of the helpline, email support, live chat, and support groups. These services are available year-round, but Baby Loss Awareness Week tries to emphasise how these supports can be accessed, and how they can help.


Theme Of Baby Loss Awareness Week


The theme for Baby Loss Awareness Week is Stepping Stones. After the loss of a baby, either during pregnancy, or after the birth, your life can end up going in a different direction than the way you expected. Baby Loss Awareness Week is focusing on the steps of this new, unexpected, emotional journey, and how each journey is unique for everyone.


It’s important for everyone to realise that there is support available, and there are others who can understand and empathise with your feelings.


Many of the charities and groups will also be inviting people to share their stories, feelings and experiences. You can share what helped, or what really didn’t help, how you felt, or anything else you want to share. There will be information and resources from different charities and groups that may be able to help.


Baby Loss Awareness Week Pin Badges


One of the ways to mark the week is by purchasing a Baby Loss Awareness Week pin. They’re available all year, and the money goes toward supporting those who are suffering through the loss of their baby.


Events During Baby Loss Awareness Week


There are a few different events taking place throughout the country during this week.


Turn The UK Pink And Blue


One of these events is particularly breath-taking and poignant. Last year, over 200 landmarks and buildings took part, lit up in blue and pink to remember the babies and support those affected. Any public buildings can get involved and show their support.


Wave Of Light


The final day of Baby Loss Awareness Week is the 15th of October. On this day, the Wave of Light event takes place. It’s an international event, and anyone can take part. At 7pm on the 15th of October, you can light a candle, or candles in remembrance of pregnancy and baby loss. Take a picture of the candles and share it on social media with #waveoflight. It spreads a virtual wave of light around the world.


The Miscarriage Association is offering a Zoom meeting for those who wish to take part, light the candles together online, hear their little one’s name and any special details read out. More information on how to take part in this special service will be available on the Miscarriage Association’s social media channels and website.


Taking Part At Home


There are so many ways and things that you can do at home to show your support, raise awareness and acknowledge your own loss. You can light up your own garden, balcony, or window with pink and blue lights. Fairy lights and solar powered lights can illuminate your space in pink and blue.


Another option is to try the ‘glowing films’ available for Baby Loss Awareness Week. These films can be applied to your windows. You can also add in pink and blue candles, tealight holders and more. Decorate your window with any pink and blue decorations you can find. If you’re in any way crafty you may want to make something yourself.


Some people like to wear pink and blue during Baby Loss Awareness Week. It could be something small like a pair of socks, or perhaps even a t-shirt. You could even make a fundraising day, and get your friends, family and colleagues involved.


Updates And Social Media


There will be updates on social media, and there’s also templates for you to turn your own profile picture pink and blue. There’s more information and a list of some of the different charities involved here.


Baby Loss Awareness Week is a special time of remembrance and raising awareness. Part of that will be an increase of social media posts around pregnancy and baby loss. This may feel overwhelming for some and can bring up different emotions. If you feel overwhelmed, remember to take some time off social media and spend time on self-care.