Baby Book Recommendations For Bedtime Stories

Baby books for bedtime stories are really important, even for very young babies. They may not be able to read the letters of a baby book, but it’s still important as it provides building blocks for language.


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Why Baby Books Are Important For Your Baby


Reading to your baby helps their development in a few different ways. It helps your little one become familiar with sounds and words. It helps stimulate their imagination and teaches them about the world around them. It also deepens the emotional connection between you and your baby.


When To Start Reading To Your Baby


Many experts recommend reading to your little one from birth. Your little one may not understand what you’re saying, but they will find the sound of your voice soothing. It’s a good idea to read aloud to your baby every day, and it can help if you fit it into your daily schedule. For some, this means reading aloud while feeding, others prefer to read to their babies during bath-time, or bedtime.


You’ll probably find that you’re reading the same books over and over again. That’s perfectly fine, in fact, babies enjoy routine. As your little one grows, try encouraging them to hold the book and turn the pages. You can also make comments and point things out in the book as you read.


Best Baby Book Recommendations For Bedtime Stories


When choosing baby books, look for simple, repetitive content with colourful graphics. Many babies like books that have black and white images, with more pictures than words. You may also want to look for books with crinkly pages, or textures. Another good idea is a waterproof book for in the bath.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a classic baby book with a wonderful story. It has colourful pictures.


Each Peach Pear Plum – Janet and Allan Ahlberg


Each Peach Pear Plum has a wonderful rhyming scheme that will capture every little one’s imagination. It also has wonderful illustrations and images for your child to find as they grow up.


Where Is Little Fish? – Lucy Cousins


Where Is Little Fish? is a lift the flap baby book with brightly coloured corals, and wonderful friendly Little Fish and his friends.


The Going To Bed Book – Sandra Boynton


The Going To Bed Book follows a few animal characters as they get ready for bed. It can help your baby learn the bedtime routine.