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Sensory play ideas for babies and toddlers

Sensory play allows babies and toddlers to explore the world around them, and there are lots of ways you can create fabulous stimulating sensory play for very little effort or cost. Here are some ideas.     Squishy bags Squishy bags offer a wonderful sensory experience for children. Add paint to a sandwich bag and […]


Homemade garden games for the whole family

The idea of summer is always lovely – hours of playing in the garden, children happily getting fresh air and exercise… In reality, many parents find themselves running out of ideas after a couple of weeks, the words ‘I’m bored’ seem like the only ones ever spoken and the bank balance really can’t justify another […]


building blocks

Creative ideas with building blocks

Many children love building blocks – from seeing how high they can build a tower to making cars, houses and boats. So, why not take advantage of this by trying some of these creative ideas? They can also help with your little one’s learning at the same time.     Letters Letter and number blocks […]


Cute little girl refresh herself from garden watering hose

Cheap and cheerful outdoor toys

While we’re still in semi-lockdown, gardens are becoming the new “place to be”, especially when the weather is nice. There are loads of ways the whole family can have fun in the garden, without spending a fortune on toys! Here are some of the best cheap and cheerful things you can buy to keep your […]