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Little Things Forever: A Brilliant Puzzle App for Young Ones

From an early age, one of my daughter’s favourite activities has been puzzle-building – I’m not complaining; it’s a brilliant brain booster (plus perfect for a bit of mum quiet-time). And because I’m not a fan of the majority of mindless game apps for kids, this particular app is a pretty impressive exception, incorporating mesmerising puzzle problems in an easy-to-use, dynamic format.

Little Things Forever

The Little Things Forever app is a thoroughly absorbing ‘seek and find’ game for kiddies (or anyone!) aged three and up. Randomly generated lists of things to search for – literally thousands of objects – means no end to being entertained (and getting some covert brain-gym going). Continue reading

Check out the AfterCam video capture app: Saves the Moment. And Your Phone Memory.

As a mum, I’m become somewhat of a self-styled (i.e. totally amateur) videographer, documenting – or attempting to – every possible momentous happening in my toddler’s thus far spectacular time on the planet.


The result is approximately three years’ worth of footage of, mostly, nothing.  Absolute non-events. Because, 9 times outta ten, it takes FOREVER for your kid to actually do whatever it is you’re camera-poised for them to do. Continue reading

New App Teaches Kids Music, the Fun Way

Right from their earliest moments in-utero, children are exposed to music – the deep bass thump of mum’s heart; the rhythmic cadence of her voice; the curious, ever-changing tympani of external sounds, filtered and made melodious through the ebb and flow of water.

cartoon panda

Once on the outside, your little one may not necessarily want to turn virtuoso, but the world of music can still be an incredible tool for creative self-expression, mindfulness, and, of course, an endless source of enjoyment – simply from an listener’s perspective. Continue reading

At Last! YouTube Kids App Released in the UK!

Big news for little digital natives — and their parents – the YouTube Kids app has finally been released here in the UK, which means less stress over finding appropriate content for young ones (and possibly even more Peppa Pig screen time than you thought imaginable).

At Last! YouTube Kids App Released in the UK!

Previously unavailable outside of the US, the kid-safe app offers a wide selection of shows, but particularly emphasises local talent, with solid British faves both contemporary and retro, including The Magic Roundabout, Wallace and Gromit, Morph, and of course, that precocious piggy, Peppa. Continue reading

Explore the REAL World with Elmer’s Photo Patchwork App

Tech time for youngs ones has a bad rep — and often with sound reason; but this particular app is refreshingly different from all the mind-numbing, zombifying screen-sop out there.

Explore the REAL World with Elmer’s Photo Patchwork App

Based on David McKee’s beloved children’s book about an elephant who goes on a jaunt through the jungle, meeting up with all its weird and wonderful denizens, the app encourages the very same curiosity inherent in the story.

Continue reading