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The Best Parts About Being a Grown Up – According to Kids 

I have to suppress an ironic chuckle whenever my four-year-old proclaims she’s “grown-up” because a) she’s grown taller, b) has sips from Daddy’s Café Mocha, or c) crosses the road under my watchful eye – but not holding my hand (because I’m lugging her brother around in his car seat while carrying a pointless scooter and a Hello Kitty backpack filled with pine cones and rocks).

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Creepiest Snuggle Toy Ever?

Many kids develop a seemingly nonsensical attachment to inanimate objects, otherwise known as ‘comforters’ or ‘lovies’. It’s actually pretty normal behaviour, and an admittedly adorable childhood quirk (that is, until “Bunny” or “Blankie” or old gross sock goes AWOL and all hell is unleashed).

owl toy

But whereas the majority of comfort toys tend towards the cute ‘n’ cuddly stuff, this toddler’s choice of bed partner is nothing of the sort. And a little creepy. Continue reading

How Dad (Hilariously) Gets Triplets to Bed Faster than Mum

If you’ve ever wondered how parents of multiples get things done, the answer ain’t multitasking.

dad and kids

It’s mayhem. (At least if this dad’s put-to-bed routine is anything to go by.)

Dan Gibson, father of rambunctious 2-year-old Emily and a gaggle of wriggling infant triplets Levi, Olivia, and Jackson, recently posted a time-lapse video of the kiddies’ mum, Corrie-Lynn Whyte, snapping all four children into their onesies in – of course – record time. Continue reading

Meet ‘the Saddest Bookworm’ in the World – Every Story Brings This Baby to Tears. Literally.

It’s so not cool to exploit our children’s private anguish for the world’s entertainment — but you really can’t blame these parents; their bookworm babe’s tears would make any mum and dad overjoyed…At least for the first few hundred reads of that blimmin’ Margaret Wise Brown book.

Not all kids take a fancy to the written word, but 10-month-old Emmett goes gaga for his storybooks – so much so that every time mum Alicia or dad Dan get to the final page, he completely loses the plot. Until they start reading again.

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