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10 Gifts to Give that aren’t Toys

The distribution of toys is totally disproportionate; the privileged first-worlder few have way too many, while the majority of other children have, well, nothing. It’s no wonder parents are resorting to the rationing of presents in an effort to curb this culture of excess before our budding materialists know little more than…more.

10 Gifts to Give that aren't Toys

The thing is, plastic playthings and other superfluous tat are easy. It requires imagination to think outside of the giftbox and come up with a tangible gesture that’s meaningful, lasting, and enriching — and really, why would we want to give our kids anything less? Continue reading

Peppa Pig’s Surprise Show is Back Again!!

It’s a sunshiny day and Peppa is playing outside with her pals. Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig have got a surprise for her and George – they can’t guess what it is, but can you…?

Peppa Pig's Surprise Show is Back Again!!

Not one to miss an opportunity to capitalise on her mass following of mini-fans, Peppa Pig will be hitting stages all over the UK for her brand new, super special, spectacular Surprise Show! Continue reading

How to Make a Candy-Free (FUN) Gingerbread House!

No truly kitsch-tastic, bonafide Christmas bonanza is complete without a Gingerbread House. But kids are stuffed full of sugary treats over the festive season as it is, and decorating such a gorgeously delicious abode with yummy goodies galore is just a mouthful of cavities waiting to happen. (And then you’d be forced to gorge it all yourself for the greater good of your children.)

How to Make a Candy-Free (FUN) Gingerbread House!

To protect little toothies, and salvage the modicum of self-restraint you have left in your possession, this DIY cardboard gingerbread house is the perfect, perfectly jolly alternative. All you need is an empty cereal box, some craft supplies, and a couple eager elves… Continue reading

Veggie Crayons – Safe for Little Hands and Mouths!*

Crayons. One of the most exciting sources of creative fun for tots – and according to them, at least, totally delicious, too.

Veggie Crayons - 100% Safe for Little Hands and Mouths!

Chewing on a Crayola is hardly preferable – who knows what goes into making those awesome yet definitely non-natural lumo colours – but littlies will taste-test anything and everything they can get a grip on. Art supplies included. Continue reading