Stocking Stuffers For Teens: Suggestions For Older Children That Won’t Break The Bank

Stocking stuffers for teens can be difficult to find. You want to give them things that they’ll use, and enjoy, but you don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on it. It doesn’t help that many teenagers aren’t exactly forthcoming with their own suggestions. We have some ideas which can help you find stocking stuffers for teens that aren’t going to empty your bank account.


stocking stuffers for teens


Shower Bluetooth Speaker


A great stocking stuffer for teens is a Bluetooth speaker. They’re not hugely expensive, and you can even get one that’s water resistant. Teens love to have music, or YouTube videos around them at nearly all times, as a general rule, so this stocking stuffer is sure to be a hit. Check out places like Amazon for the best deals.


Temporary Tattoos


The days of terrible temporary tattoos are gone, and these days you can find them in almost any design. You can still find the brightly coloured ones for younger children, but for teens, you can find realistic looking temporary tattoos, both in colour and in black and grey. If your teen is artistic, rather than buying the pre-made sheets of temporary tattoos, you could buy them a temporary tattoo pen. Let them design their own tattoos.


Device Holder


Device holders make wonderful stocking stuffers for teens. There are many different types, sizes and designs. Some can hold phones, and tablets, while others can also hold a controller for a console. You can find solid colour, minimalistic designs, but you can also find characters such as Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Simba and Grogu (Baby Yoda).


Alarm Clock


Teenagers aren’t always the best at getting up in the morning, so maybe an alarm clock would be a great gift. There are many designs, you can choose one that matches the teenager’s personal style. There are modern designs with colour changing LED lights, or you can go for a retro vibe and get a more traditional shaped alarm clock.




Another fantastic stocking stuffer for teens is a journal. Journaling can help reduce stress, and help people cope with their day to day lives. Today, teenagers face more stresses in their lives than in previous generations, so a journal can be a great gift to help them cope. There are many different designs of notebooks, and journals, from the very inexpensive, to a more expensive branded journal like Moleskine, or Rituals. You can also find journals with themes, such as an artistic journal, a dreams journal, or a gratitude journal.