Baby’s First Christmas: How To Manage Christmas Festivities With Your New Baby

Baby’s first Christmas is special, and it’s understandable that you’ll want to commemorate it. However, it’s very easy to get so caught up in making your baby’s first Christmas perfect, that you forget to enjoy it yourself. Or you end up overwhelming your little one, and spend the day with a tired, fussy baby who has no interest in anything. As you plan your day, think about each of the factors that can help you have a wonderful Christmas day, and a blissful Christmas night.


baby's first christmas




Deciding on where you’re going to spend your baby’s first Christmas can be tricky. You might want to spend it with your parents, or maybe your partner’s parents, or you may want to spend it alone. There’s no right or wrong answer. If you think your baby, and you, would prefer to spend your baby’s first Christmas alone, then do that. It’s perfectly acceptable to decline invitations.


Be Realistic


While you may want to make your baby’s first Christmas a flurry of different activities, you’ll need to temper your vision with reality. Realistically, if your little one needs a nap every other day of the year, then the chances are, they will need a nap on Christmas day as well.


Think About Timings


It can be easier on your little one if you plan activities during off-peak times. For example, after the school day and early evening can be very busy times for shopping centre Santa. It can be crowded, with a long queue. Waiting might be really hard on your baby, so maybe mid-morning would be a better time for you to visit.


Make It Fun


If we’re going to be honest, being dressed up in fancy baby clothes all day probably isn’t going to make your baby’s first Christmas fun for your little one. By all means, dress your baby up, take photos, but change them into more comfortable clothing for the rest of the day. If your little one is weaning, offer them a small version of your Christmas dinner. Depending on the age of your little one, you could cut the veggies, and even some of the turkey, into strips and let them have them as finger food. Remember as well to take time to relax and enjoy the day.


Keepsakes And Traditions


Baby’s first Christmas is the perfect time to start new traditions and make some keepsakes. You could mark off your little one’s height on the wall every Christmas morning. Perhaps you could make hand and footprints from your baby. You could buy beautiful, personalised tree decorations, or you could make your own. Another option is to slice off a section of the bottom of your tree before you throw it out and turn it into a tree ornament for the years to come.