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Super Sensory Invitations to Play: the eBook Every Parent Will Need This Winter

The indoor season is nigh upon us. Goodbye summer. Goodbye sunshine. And goodbye long afternoons sans the pressure to continuously entertain small humans. But don’t panic — if you need to ward off the impending cabin fever that winter brings, and don’t want your young ones stuck in that mind-sucking screen-time rut, this eBook, chock-a-block […]


Free Printable Bookmarks to Inspire More Reading!

If you expose little ones to reading early on – and often – it’s rarely difficult to get them excited about a new book. As they get older, though, the number of distractions competing for kids’ attentions accumulate exponentially, and those once beloved bookshelves can get pretty dusty. There are plenty ways to rekindle (or […]


Personalised Potty Training Book

Potty training – argh. There is no word (or sound) more appropriate. Out if all the things that parents have to do – change nappies, clean up vomit, wake up at 2a.m. to pick up a dropped teddy – potty training ranks well up there in the unpleasant-o-metre. But equal to the inconvenience is the […]