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These People Hold a Baby for the First Time, and it’s Both Hilarious and Beautiful

Do you remember the first time you held a baby–and not just your own? Or perhaps your own was the first you’d ever held? These five individuals have never had the pleasure (or panic) of cradling a tiny human, and their reactions–all caught in slow-motion, frame-by-frame detail–are priceless and precious…So much so you may even drop a tear or two.

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IKEA’s New App Lets You Preview Furniture in Your House

IKEA is perfect for parents; it’s cost-effective when you’re having to shell out for the endless list of kid-essentials—and its cheap ‘n’ cheerful selection means you can revamp the children’s rooms without breaking the bank (or suffer a coronary when one of them decides to turn their cupboards into a Jackson Pollock tribute). On the other hand, IKEA is also pure hell for parents. Its manic crowds and STUFF EVERYWHERE is enough to spark an agoraphobic breakdown in even the most seasoned of shopper. Add having to chase your offspring through this chaos and you’ll wish you’d never heard of the place.

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