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Expecting Dads Hilarious Maternity Shoots

A maternity photo shoot is the perfect way to capture a fleeting, magical moment in time. The theme usually tends towards the ethereal, the serene, or something that speaks of a deep connection to the natural. Alternatively, you could go for the hilarious—like these expecting parents did. […]


Why Paternity Leave Makes Better Fathers

By virtue of physiology, mothers are favoured when it comes to taking time off to be with their baby. But if we’re sticking to a purely scientific stance on who should be staying at home in those early months, the evidence that dads’ presence in their child’s life—from birth–is integral to emotional development, should also […]


Humans Aren’t the Only Amazing Dads!

While it’s an accepted fact nowadays that human males look after their young, it is not so simple in the rest of the animal kingdom! Many male animals abandon their young, and some (such as male grizzly bears) will even eat their own children if they get hungry! Luckily we humans usually avoid bad parenting […]