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Fruit and Veg: Is Your Toddler Getting Enough of the Good Stuff?

There’s two things tots are notorious for being picky about: bedtimes, and food. If you’ve cracked the former (or simply surrendered to the nocturnal antics) ensuring that your tyke is getting his five-a-day is the other battle — but it needn’t be so. Check out this easy breakdown on what toddlers actually need to be eating each day, plus some tips to help you encourage more healthful noshing.

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‘Shy’ Kids: Should You Make Your Child Say Hello? 

Just as a public temper tantrum makes you want to produce a black hole and fall into it, so too do the awkward moments when your child blanks a friendly stranger make you want to disappear down the nearest escape hatch. Both scenarios are really just kids being kids, dealing with social situations and emotional confrontations in the limited (embarrassing) ways they are psychologically equipped to do. Keeping up appearances is not even a microscopic blip on their radar. But as adults, we are a lot more concerned with what others think – to our detriment. And quite possibly our children, too.

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