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Disagreements on How to Handle Night Wakings Linked to Troubled Relationships

Parenting (exhaustingly) does not stop when the lights go out. And a little one’s nightly wakings are prime opportunities for conflict in couples; mostly because sleep deprivation makes you volatile and irrational, but also because your baby crying out in the night is designed to be an emotional trigger, and how you deal with this heated aspect of parenting sets the tone for your management of nearly every other child-rearing dilemma.

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10 Tips Avoid Your Toddler’s Dinner Meltdown

So statistics say that eating dinner together as a family helps kids to develop into emotionally adjusted, socially responsible, and just plain happier, adults. But how do you possibly create that conducive, feel-good familial atmosphere when every night at the table is an exercise in misery–born purely out of something so banal as toddler food refusal? Check‘s advice on how to turn down the heat during mealtimes, and help picky eaters to overcome their anxiety.

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5 Signs Your Baby is Overstimulated

Plenty babies fight sleep–and it can often seem as if they’d happily go on playing and socialising for hours without a break…that is, until, they suddenly go from zero to meltdown. Fact is, little ones are very easy overstimulated (the world is SO exciting, Mum!); no matter how vague their methods of communication may be–or your ability to pick up on their cues.

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