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Wellingtons for kids by Muddy Puddles

Was there ever a child in the history of ever who did not love stomping in puddles? No. It’s a fact of live – kids plus water equals BEST FUN EVER! The corollary: kids need a great pair of wellingtons. There are loads of companies that offer a sturdy welly but not all that many who offer a sturdy well in a range of fun colours and patterns.


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Most mums glam up for the school run, according to new survey

Just as you’re walking out the front door – the baby shrieking because his tooth is cutting and he wants you to fix it, your two-year-old pleading for an extra dolly (she already has four)and your four-year-old hurtling past you in an effort to be first out because everything in life’s a competition – you glance at yourself in the passage mirror…a little make up couldn’t hurt, could it?

School Run

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Five handbag essentials for Mums this summer

The number of times I have hit the highway (so to speak) thinking that I have everything I need to keep my young trio happy and I have been wrong, are too numerous to count – and life has consequently been made a fair amount more disastrous than it needed to be.

Over the course of four and a half years (the age of my eldest) I have formulated a list of the items I cannot do without, whether I’m on the school run, out to buy milk and bread or off to the park for an afternoon picnic.

Said list keeps my world sane, well, as sane as life with three children can ever be. Check out the five handbag essentials for Mums this summer:

Plasters – a combination of bare legs, grainy pavements and scooters is the perfect recipe for skin removal. And I don’t know about y’all but the mere sight of blood, even a speck, is enough to send my children into panic-stricken frenzy.

Five handbag essentials for Mums this summer

Plasters offer superficial relief until grazes can be properly inspected out of the earshot of the general public, which tends to be understandably unappreciative of the sound of chaos.

Sun cream – even if you think that you’re going somewhere void of sun – indoors or perhaps the weather forecasts rain – take along sun cream anyway; a)never believe a weather forecast, and b)sometimes life pans out differently and you may end up averting a lovely sunny day or afternoon outside because you forgot the sun cream. Continue reading

My Mary Poppins Bag – not just a fashion accessory for Mum!

When I was a kid, my mum was for ever scratching around in her bag and it used to drive me crazy. It was never just a matter of arriving at home, opening the front door and walking in… there was at least a ten minute ‘scratch around’ period during which time I could have made a sandwich, read a magazine and even taken a bath.

I swore to myself that I would have an organised handbag when I was an adult, and that I would never keep my children waiting.


Let’s just say that my child’s mind was a tad ambitious – a lot ambitious. I am in fact worse than my mum and I totally blame my children.

The reason I spend my life digging around in my handbag is because it is populated with baby junk – wipes, nappies, snacks, clothes, toys… you name it, I’ve got it. Call me Mary Poppins.

Now you may be wondering why on earth I don’t dump the baby stuff in a ‘baby changing bag’ or some such. Well… I really like my handbag – it’s not just a handbag, it’s a fashion accessory for mum– and so usually I haul around two bags, which I don’t always feel like doing in which case the baby stuff gets dumped in my bag (because I like it and it makes me feel cool).

This is of course all my children’s fault.

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Stylish nappy bags

I love a nappy bag that doesn’t look like a nappy bag! Traditional nappy bags scream ‘tired mum’, ‘baby powder’ and ‘pooey bottoms’. No thanks!

Being a mum is my favourite job in the world but when it comes to style, I like to be an ‘undercover mum’ who rocks her heels and flicks her hair with attitude and panache. Stylish nappy bags help.

If you’re a mum who thinks like me, you must check out for the most stylish nappy bags EVER.

Now… the leather satchels are not your run-of-the-mill nappy bag but they can definitely do that job of one. They come in different sizes and look amazing.

Handmade in England from top quality leather with classic nickel silver buckles and beautiful cable stitching, and available in fun, funky prints, Zatchels’ satchels are bang on trend and make the most stylish nappy bags.

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