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Doctor Shares Ultimate ‘Push Playlist’ for Labour

If you’re scouring the net for ways to keep you zen in the delivery room – music is one of the most powerful methods of helping you push through to the finish line.

labour playlist

According to Jacques Moritz, M.D., an OBGYN at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City, putting together a ‘push playlist’ of your favourite tunes can really help make labour and delivery feel a bit more, uh, “enjoyable”. Continue reading

Five tips from dads on surviving a difficult birth

There is a great article in the Jan-Feb edition of Prima Baby & Pregnancy magazine, which talks about how a difficult birth can be as traumatic for a dad as it is for a mum. It’s easy to forget about dads in the heat of the event because all the physical stuff is happening to mum – it’s just how the whole birth thing rolls – but it is equally difficult for dad, just in a different way.

Five tips from dads on surviving a difficult birth

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Home births encouraged by NHS

Based on NICE (National Institute for Health And Care Excellence) recommendations, the NHS is reportedly set to embrace a policy change that will encourage new mums without high risk pregnancies to give birth at home. The NHS has, in the past, been weary of the home birth option.

New guidelines by NICE also say that low-risk pregnancies are best suited to a midwife led unit, which is more comfortable, with between four and ten beds and water birth facilities. Units can be attached to hospitals or function as ‘stand-alone’ centres in the community.

The thing is; most women prefer to give birth in a hospital in case something goes wrong. I am definitely one of these women – three babies later (all low risk pregnancies),

Home births encouraged by NHS

I would still opt to give birth in a hospital…just in case! Continue reading