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Clear Drapes for C-Sections: Would You Have Them?

According to the NHS, around one in every four to five pregnant women in the UK has a C-section, with the percentage of babies born this way on a steady incline–last year’s stats up by 11% in 5 years. It’s far from an uncommon procedure; but it does have significant differences from natural birth: apart from the actual procedure, a major difference is the inherent disconnection between the mother and the physical birth process–but in the US, at least, that may be about to change.

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Doctor Shares Ultimate ‘Push Playlist’ for Labour

If you’re scouring the net for ways to keep you zen in the delivery room – music is one of the most powerful methods of helping you push through to the finish line.

labour playlist

According to Jacques Moritz, M.D., an OBGYN at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City, putting together a ‘push playlist’ of your favourite tunes can really help make labour and delivery feel a bit more, uh, “enjoyable”. Continue reading